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Support Philippines Disaster Relief

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck the Philippines on Friday, November 8th and destroyed entire villages and cities with huge waves and sustained winds over 150 mph.

The Center for Community Transformation (CCT) is a Filipino non-profit organization. CCT has worked for over twenty years to empower and holistically transform the lives of the urban and rural poor across the Philippines. In Visayas, the region hit hardest by the typhoon, CCT has 47 branch offices, serving over 24,000 individuals and their families. CCT also works extensively in Mindanao and Luzon, regions that also suffered serious human casualties and property damage.

While it is too early to know the full extent of both the storm damage and relief needs, CCT is already mobilizing to provide immediate relief and subsequent redevelopment assistance to the people and communities it already knows and serves.

CCT's U.S.-based micro enterprise development partners - HOPE International, Five Talents, PEER Servants, and endPoverty.org - are assisting CCT by appealing to our supporters for their prayers and financial contributions in support of CCT's relief, recovery, and rebuilding operations.*

How you can help

- Make a donation on this site. endPoverty.org will be providing tax-deductible receipts for donations given via this site. You can also give through the website of Five Talents and receive a receipt for your donation from them.
2. SHARE– Post this page on Facebook or email it out to your friends & family.
3. CREATE A PERSONAL FUNDRAISING PAGE- Start one for yourself, your school, company, church, club, team or organization!

All funds raised through this appeal are tax deductible and 100% will be sent to CCT specifically for its relief and rebuilding work with individuals and families impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.

We can make a difference now in the devastated lives of men, women, and children impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.

*HOPE International, Five Talents, PEER Servants, and endPoverty.org are not relief organizations and will not be directly implementing any relief efforts on behalf of CCT.

As we learn more, we'll be sharing updates on the situation and relief and recovery efforts below.

Recent Updates

Thank you Glendora Filipino Club, Synergy Ministries, and Renewal Church!
We are just so encouraged and thankful for each of you, for your prayers, for your generous donations, and for your creativity and hard work to engage your schools, your churches, your friends, and your families to participate in helping those affected by the typhoon.

We were so excited by groups who took their own initiative to raise funds to mobilize their community to help the...

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New Boat, Fresh Hope for Roxas Fisher Folk

Fernando and Isabelita Ibanada in their new boat. The
net is the only piece of fishing gear they were
able to salvage after the storm.

Fernando and Isabelita Ibanada of Barra, Roxas City go out to sea in the small hours of the morning, bring home fresh catches of fish, crabs, and shellfish, and help make Roxas City the seafood capital of the country. But when Yolanda battered their tiny...

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Her Home Lost, But Not Her Resourcefulness
Article by Valerie Malabonga, a guest blogger for Five Talents and a long-time supporter of our partner organization in the Philippines, the Center for Community Transformation (CCT), was in the Philippines and visited some of CCT's staff and community partners affected by the typhoon.

"Willy" Lagunzil is a widow and a CCT Community Partner whose micro-enterprise is a sari-sari (variety)...

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An Unexpected Rescue
By Pastor Ruel Castino as told by CCT Staff Myra Gaculais del Rosario

Dr. Demy (standing) and Dr. Pan Callanta in Tacloban, Leyte.

It was nearly sunset. Three doctors and two nurses in the medical mission team I was part of were rushing to attend
to a few more patients before Yolanda-devastated Tacloban would be plunged again into darkness.

They were treating survivors at the...

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Smiles Amidst the Rubble

On our visit to deliver relief goods and check on some community partners in a small village in Estancia, a fishing town destroyed by the typhoon, in the midst of piles of metal sheets, piles of snapped branches and fallen trees, housing materials scattered, and even cinderblocks shattered and knocked down, we found a community of people with huge smiles, excitement, and determination to...

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Medical Help, Eternal Hope
By CCT Nurse Jacob Macarilay as told by CCT Staff Myra Gaculais del Rosario

Jacob Macarilay cleans wounds
sustained by Yolanda survivor Anastacio.

From the plane, the scene below seemed to me like someone had gotten tired of playing with his toys and, in a temper tantrum, had toppled them all with a quick sweep of the hand. But this was not a playroom floor strewn with toys. This was...

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"A Miracle at the Philam Life Building"
By Geraldine Gomez, wife of CCT Pastor Ed Gomez, as told by CCT Staff Myra Gaculais del Rosario

Thursday, November 7 was just like any other weekday. It had been sunny all day, business establishments were busy, children went to school. There seemed to be no reason to leave for the night but my children, Ephraim, 9, and Shalom, 5, and I packed some clothes anyway.

My husband, Ed, had...

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Thanksgiving Blessings
Today we join our friends in America in celebrating Thanksgiving by reflecting and truly feeling thankful because we have been so blessed by you and your outpouring of support through your prayers, your encouragement and heartfelt messages, and your financial support. Through your donations, we've been able to provide over 5,000 relief bags filled with basic items including food, water, basic...

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Counseling Needed By Yolanda Survivors, Doctor Says

School desks serve as makeshift clinic for Dr. John Tabije (standing) and Jacob Macarilay, nurse, at a Tacloban City evacuation site.

Dr. Demy Reyes (above) and Dr. Pan Callanta (below) treat
Yolanda survivors amid the rubble left by the super storm.

A CCT medical mission team went to Tacloban last week to serve and care for the people hit by the typhoon. “Yolanda...

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'Crying Won't Do Us Any Good': Typhoon Haiyan's Impact on CCT Clients in the Philippines
Article by Valerie Malabonga, a guest blogger for Five Talents and a long-time supporter of our partner organization in the Philippines, the Center for Community Transformation (CCT), is currently in the Philippines and visited some of CCT's staff and community partners affected by the typhoon.

Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on Friday, November 8 and decimated entire provinces in its...

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Digging Out and Re-building Estancia
We made our way over to the Estancia branch office. Estancia is a fishing town lying on the northern coast of Panay (northern Iloilo) that was one of the worst hit areas by the typhoon. Two weeks after the typhoon passed, the once busy marketplace at the Estancia port was nonexistent. Few structures still stood, and those that did were severely damaged.

As we visited our staff and community...

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Committed to Serve
We have been busy organizing our relief and recovery efforts. This week, a team of CCT staff and partners from Five Talents and endPoverty traveled to Panay Island to bring relief items (Thank you! Your support has helped in purchasing the medicines, solar lamps, flashlights and batteries that we brought over from Manila) to our branches in Panay, to many areas where electricity has not yet...

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Staff families located!

Yesterday our 2 staff who went down to Tacloban to help in the assessment and relief efforts with Pastor Ed were able to successfully locate the families of two of our staff trainees. In October, a group of 8 new recruits from Tacloban came to Manila for their immersion, exposure, and training. Six of the eight had heard from their families by Friday, one week after the typhoon, but the...

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CCT Staff have Arrived in Tacloban

Our two staff who went down to meet with Pastor Ed in Tacloban have arrived. With online and phone airplane ticket bookings impossible, they went straight to the airport to book and jump on a flight, but that too proved useless. They decided to head to the bus station to take the long journey by road and ferry to Tacloban.

We are happy to report that they have been united with Pastor Ed...

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Touched and Encouraged by You
Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your financial support. Thank you for encouraging us and joining us in helping the Philippines.

Every day, it feels like the number of people affected and the extent to which our communities were devastated grows. We are receiving more and more information through our staff - at times it feels like a constant flow of text messages, phone calls, and...

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Yolanda Survivor: "The storm was like Goliath..."
Every day, we learn more about the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda left on our family and friends across the Philippines. The magnitude of this typhoon is one that we have never experienced. Our current estimates are that over 6,000 of our community partners ("community partners" is the name CCT uses for the people they reach out to and serve) in the Visayas and Luzon regions were...

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Communication Established with Tacloban!
This morning, we were finally able to get in contact with Pastor Ed Gomez, CCT's pastor in Tacloban. Praise God that he and his family are safe, and now staying at his relatives home in Calbayog, Samar.

Since establishing contact this morning, two CCT staff are now making their way to Calbayog to meet with and minister to Pastor Ed and his family. Together, they will go and locate our...

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Letter from Ruth Callanta
Dear Friends,

We are heartbroken by the news that our community partners and staff have been severely hit by the recent typhoon. At the time that we have just started relief operations in Bohol, another calamity struck the Visayas region.

As of the latest, there are 1,500 community partners and households in Roxas affected, 3,000 in Ilo-ilo, 970 in Coron, and still have yet to know the...

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